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Digital Aid Seattle works with Seattle-based nonprofits to create customized digital solutions for their needs, for free.Partner with us

Our criteria

    NonprofitsWe strive to bring enterprise-level operational maturity to nonprofits in need.
    GovernmentsLocal governmental organizations aimed at building a better community deserve a helping hand.
    Open SourceWhenever possible, we will cooperate using open source assets that can be leveraged by anyone.
    MaintainabilityWhen we build, we don't just build for today. Our services and tools are designed for long-term usability and scale.

How we can help

    Internal toolsEvery organization needs infrastructure. Support comes in part from good tooling, and we help design and develop effective tools that help teams thrive. As a bonus, we help teams implement good practices and level up on those tools, too.
    External toolsThe organizations we support serve individuals in need. Those folks often do not have access to resources and our aim is to streamline and facilitate success, whatever shape that takes.
    Technical problemsNo matter the size, any organization in business today is bound to face technical challenges. Digital Aid Seattle partners with non-profits and other organizations to navigate these challenges.

The process

  1. 1.Apply for help using the “Partner with us” button.
  2. 2.You will receive an invitation for an interview within a few days.
  3. 3.By detailing your situation, experiences, and aspirations, help us compose a vision of the solution we'll be creating for you.
  4. 4.Once work has begun, you will get weekly updates on the progress.
Partner with us

Partner expectations

Partners should plan to maintain projects after handoff, and to provide Digital Aid Seattle volunteers with the necessary documentation for timely project completion. All Digital Aid Seattle projects are open and accessible by default.

Volunteer expectations

All of our volunteers are vetted for experience, and sign a volunteer agreement before commencing work with Digital Aid Seattle.

Interested in partnering with Digital Aid Seattle?

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