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Volunteer with us

Join Digital Aid Seattle to make a difference in the lives of others! We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available.
All of our volunteers are vetted for experience, and sign a volunteer agreement before commencing work with Digital Aid Seattle.Our expectations
SkillYou demonstrate proficiency in your craft and operate with both autonomy and transparency.
ExperienceYou are a seasoned professional, capable of leading yourself and others in your discipline.
AvailabilityYou dedicate 4 hours a week for at least 6 months to accomplish your committed tasks with Digital Aid Seattle.

Our oath

We champion these values and ask you as a volunteer to adopt them, too.
I will selflessly fulfill the needs identified by our partners, the glamorous and the mundane. I will gladly handle any necessary tasks, both analog and digital.
I will always begin by asking how I can be of assistance, placing the needs of the team and projects above personal ideas or approaches.
Before initiating any work, I will explore existing projects, individuals, or organizations working in related fields. I will actively seek opportunities for collaboration and alignment whenever feasible.
I will ask "why" when faced with uncertainty, recognizing the inherent value in diverse perspectives, skills, and contributions from all team members.
I will prioritize active listening, valuing the insights and ideas shared by others.
I acknowledge the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of our internal data. I am committed to refraining from engaging in public discussions about ongoing projects, unless OS explicitly endorses such discussions through published materials or media outlets.
I will safeguard our partners’ personal information, preserving any personal data encountered in my role as a Digital Aid Seattle volunteer. I will diligently apply reasonable security practices to protect the data I have access to.
I will promptly notify Digital Aid Seattle of any changes in my availability, project status, or progress. Additionally, I will report any issues or updates to ensure transparency and effective coordination.
I will contribute to fostering an environment free from harassment and discrimination, upholding the principles of equality and respect. I will not engage in any form of discrimination.
I will comply with all applicable laws and adhere to the operating procedures set by our partners, promoting harmonious collaboration and mutual respect.
I commit to understanding and upholding Digital Aid Seattle's mission, values, and development guidelines, aligning my actions with the organization's purpose.

The process

  1. 1.Read our oath, then apply to volunteer using the button below.
  2. 2.You will receive an invitation for an interview within a few days.
  3. 3.If accepted, complete the onboarding and start engaging with the Digital Aid Seattle community.
  4. 4.Contribute weekly to your project, and make a difference for your community!

Interested in volunteering with Digital Aid Seattle?